escargot 1

On Thursday 8 September, the 2 Year-9 French classes from Drouin Secondary College were lucky to board the bus on a beautiful sunny day, for an exciting trip to the Snail Farm "Café Escargot" located an hour away from Drouin SC: 10 Old Nichols Rd, Mirboo North.

The owner grows snails on the property, preparing them and cooking them for the guests. Snails hibernate during winter, but all were moving around in the boxes of the warm greenhouse with the spring season. Students were excited or worried, for some of them, to taste/eat a snail first time ever before lunch at the restaurant.

The excursion was organised by Ms Fanning and Mr Moreau, as part of the school’s Term 3 Food Topic.

A special MERCI to the AFTV who sponsored half of the excursion and meal costs.

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