With the windy and cold weather, Friday 21 October was the perfect night for sharing a raclette in good company at Shifty Chèvre in Fitzroy.

A total of 19 graduates and teachers with less than 3 years experience teaching French had a wonderful evening speaking French, sharing teaching experiences and getting to know each other.

escargot 1

On Thursday 8 September, the 2 Year-9 French classes from Drouin Secondary College were lucky to board the bus on a beautiful sunny day, for an exciting trip to the Snail Farm "Café Escargot" located an hour away from Drouin SC: 10 Old Nichols Rd, Mirboo North.

Un cocktail et ‘une’ classique - hommage à Catherine Deneuve  at ACMI, 19 August, 2016 began with excellent food platters and time to network with colleagues prior to an introduction in French to the film by Isabelle Mangeot-Hewison, Head of LOTE at St Michael’s G S.

On Friday, 29 July, a pleasingly large section of the AFTV membership had the opportunity to gain some significant insight into the world of Edgar Degas, as revealed in the NGV’s 2016 Melbourne Winter Masterpieces Exhibition and extended further by the erudite and charmingly entertaining presentation by Dr Ted Gott, Senior Curator International Art.

Ted’s talk, a mixture of French and English enhanced by the power of PowerPoint technology, was highlighted by his use of an ‘epistolary’ approach in which he read out, in French, extracts from letters to illustrate various aspects of Degas’ life and artistic career. In this way much was revealed about the Parisian artist and Ted’s listeners later enjoyed the Exhibition armed with knowledge which extended beyond that of Degas as the painter of elegant ballerina compositions for which he is more generally known.

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