In partnership with the Bastille day Festival, the AFTV Concours Lycéens finale was held at the Meat Market in North Melbourne on Sunday 16 July. The winners listed below were awarded prizes and were congratulated by the President of the AFTV, Philippe Vallantin, and the Honorary Consule of France, Myriam Boisbouvier-Wylie.

Please click here to read the thank you letter sent by the Honorary Consule of France, Myriam Boisbouvier-Wylie, for the AFTV's involvement and support of the Bastille Day Festival.

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Congratulations to all participants who had the courage to perform in French in front of a large audience and thank you to all volunteer AFTV members who attended to make this event possible.


Year 11 Division


Hugo Miric, Trinity Grammar School


Tom Boyd, Trinity Grammar School


Year 12 Division


Vishnu Krishnamoorthi, Kilvington Grammar School


Charan Naidoo, Kilvington Grammar School


Elisa Lai Sang, Aquinas College


Open Division


Nieve Powell, Methodist Ladies College

 About AFTV Concours Lycéens

AFTV Concours Lycéens: a successful speaking competition for Year 11 and 12 students

This event was created in 2016 by the AFTV with the clear objectives

  • to provide learning opportunities for students to speak French through a meaningful and authentic experience.
  • to encourage and promote the learning of French as an essential part of the school curriculum.
  • to offer excellent preparation and practice for oral assessment in Unit 1-4 French and IB French.
  • to offer excellent professional Development to teachers involved either as assessors or observers.

Set up into two stages, the Concours Lycéens invites schools to enrol students to perform a 3-4 minute informal conversation (Year 11 division) and a role-play (Year 12 division) in front of experienced French teachers and in front of other students from other schools. The best candidates are then selected as finalists and are invited to perform during the Bastille Day Festival which was launched by the French Consulate in Melbourne in 2015.

This second stage of the competition is very exciting as students perform on stage in front of a large audience of Francophones and Francophiles visiting the Bastille day Festival, held at the State Library in 2015/ 2016 and the Meat Market in 2017.

The winners receive prizes from our generous sponsors and certificates. The French Honorary Consule of Melbourne attends this event to congratulate our winners.

Many benefits on many levels

  • The feedback from staff and students reveals that performing in front of other students gives a good insight into the level expected at Year 12 level in Victoria. Students, especially those attending schools with small size French classes, express that this event is a good opportunity to assess where their level of French is at and to judge what to aspire to.
  • Year 11 students comment that this event allow them to learn from the Year 12 students’ performances and realise what to expect the following year in their French studies.
  • Teachers, especially those belonging to a small size Languages faculty, comment on the opportunity this event give them to assess the level of proficiency displayed at VCE level, to get inspired by the chosen topics, to work with other colleagues and to network
  • The great number of teachers who volunteer to be assessors is a testimony of their professionalism as their commitment, in an unpaid capacity and attendance on a Sunday morning, is simply remarkable. The growing number of expressions of interest received from AFTV members, willing to participate as assessors, is an indication of how valued this event is as professional development.
  • The AFTV is able to produce certificates for all participants, which teachers can then present at assembly in front of staff and younger students who can be inspired to continue learning French at VCE/IB level. This constitutes excellent promotion of the language and assist with retention of students in French classes.
  • The partnership, which the AFTV was able to create with the French consulate and the many sponsors, consolidates the presence that the AFTV continues to have within the French community in Victoria.

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