President: Emilie Layral
Vice-President: Philippe Vallantin
Treasurer:  Eva Anderson
Bookings & Membership Officer: Tasha Brown-Paquier
Webmaster: Emilie Layral
Minutes Secretary: Jessica Cracknell


(the first person is the convenor)

Carrefours: Isabelle Mangeot-Hewison,
Philippe Vallantin, Christine Palmer, Jess Cracknell
Professional Learning Emilie Layral,
and the whole committee (as this is a "conference year!")
MLTAV: Andrew Morabito,
Gretchen Bennett
New Caledonia: Christine Palmer,
Gretchen Bennett, Rosemary Arney, Eva Anderson
CAT MAT/ Matinée du Français: Barbara Watt,
Philippe Vallantin, Fadia Zogheib, Kevin Lane
Finance & Scholarship: Eva Anderson,
Emilie Layral, Philippe Vallantin
Special Events: Gretchen Bennett,
Helen Skinner, Kevin Lane
Country Victoria: Delphine Laboureau-Ormancey
Films: Helen Skinner,
Jessica Cracknell, Fadia Zogheib, Laurence Brottes
Primary: Rosemary Arney,
Eva Anderson, Laurence Brottes
Website: Emilie Layral,
Laurence Brottes, Polina Ilina, Christine Palmer, Helen Skinner

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