On this page you will find a list of resources of interest to Victorian teachers.

Thank you to the AFTV members who have shared their 'activités sans écran':

  1. I play a game with my Primary students we call ‘French tiggy’ to reinforce vocabulary. Students spread around the room standing up and the idea is to be as far away from anyone else as they can. I ask ‘How do we say ….in French?’ students put their hands up, and if the person I choose know the correct answer can take a step and tag someone.The person that has been tagged sits down and can get back in if they can answer a question correctly. Mes enfants aiment beaucoup ce jeu! Elena Agache, primary French teacher, Plenty Valley Christian College

  2. I play a memory game with my students when they are learning a new topic, ie reflexive verbs and daily activities. The first person will say what they do in a typical day, using a reflexive verb and possibly the time, then the second person will have to repeat what the first person said, then add something that they do and so on, until the last person in the class has to remember what everyone in the class has said. I find this to be a fun and effective lesson starter and way of revising/consolidating new topics and grammar. Probably more difficult to do with larger sized classes. 

Download AFTV Practice Examination Papers.

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Download AFTV Year 11 Practice Examination Papers.

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french and science at MV

The on-line French / Science education kit includes a variety of classroom and museum based activities dealing with topics such as classifications, life-cycles, the environment, a Kulin aboriginal calendar and biodiversity.

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Download the PowerPoint presentations used by Catherine Bull and Chris Harte at the AFTV’s recent workshop: Technology in & Beyond the French Classroom.

The presentations contain many innovative French language teaching models through technology.

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Holistic Assessment and Detailed Study presentationThis presentation was delivered by Maree Dellora, Manager, Languages Curriculum Unit, Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority, at a workshop held on 25 February 2015 at the Statewide Resource Centre, Carlton.

The AFTV thanks Maree for giving permission for this resource to be shared with the AFTV members who were unable to attend the workshop.

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The first series of CLIL modules developed by teachers who completed the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Course provided by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, is now available via FUSE’s CLIL modules resource package https://fuse.education.vic.gov.au/?FW4LP9

Find out more here


FranceFrancophone migration: a resource for teachers and students of French based on the Immigration Museum of Melbourne’s exhibits.

Thanks to the MLTAV and the AFTV for their support and funding of this project.

The materials for this French education kit have been written and developed by Eva Anderson, Laurence Brottes and Sehanze Perbux, members of the AFTV.

These materials were developed in collaboration with Museum Victoria for use in schools and at the Immigration Museum, Melbourne. The Language tasks may be reproduced for teaching purposes.   Permission to reproduce any material for other purposes must be obtained from Museum Victoria or The State Library of Victoria.

The French program Vers de Nouveaux Rivages, based on the Immigration Museum permanent exhibition, offers students and teachers the opportunity to explore the Museum collection of objects and stories about migration through French. All the texts in this exhibition are in English but the activities have been adapted for use by students of French. The activities contained in this kit will encourage students to reflect upon what it may have been like to leave one’s country of birth and migrate to another country with different cultural and linguistic features.

Access the documents and audio here


FranceThe French program Question d’Identité, based on the Immigration Museum permanent exhibition, offers students and teachers the opportunity to explore the Museum collections of objects and stories about identity through the French language. All the texts in this exhibition are in English but the activities have been adapted for use by students of French from Years 10 – 12.

Each museum-based activity outlines its purpose and skill. It is recommended that students work individually on a task or in small groups.

Students will also require a tablet or a Smartphone with headphones (for the listening tasks).

The program draws extensively on the information within the Immigration Museum. It also provides links for further investigation into related topics, including:

  • first impressions
  • personal identity
  • belonging
  • discrimination
  • motivation for immigration
  • migrant contributions and struggles
  • the work and skills of migrants
  • policies and migration

Access the documents and audio here

If you want to take your primary school or lower secondary school students to Anakie Fairy Park near Geelong, here is a fabulous trail:

as a Word document (7MB)

as a pdf document (7 MB)

as a Word document with compressed pictures  (1.8 MB)

You can modify these documents to suit your needs but we do ask you to acknowledge the authors and the AFTV.


La réforme de l'orthographe a permis la simplication de l'orthographe de certains mots. Dans ce document vous trouverez une sélection de ces mots ainsi que des références aux ouvrage à consulter pour en savoir plus!


A pedagogical kit called French Bugs Alive/ Les petites bêtes was put together by the AFTV and Museum Victoria. Its aim is to support teachers taking their students to see insects, spiders and other "bugs" at the museum.

The kit is on the Melbourne Museum website: click here to access it.

Bonne visite au musée du Victoria !

A l’écoute de Melbourne is a downloadable audio walking tour in French that will take you through the streets of the city to discover some fascinating and little known facts about its history and its laneways. The concept and content of this audio tour were developed by Philippe Vallantin, Association of French Teachers in Victoria (AFTV) and  Diane de Saint Léger, The University of Melbourne, based on the 774 ABC radio podtour entitled “Eat, drink, Melbourne”.

Audience: It is aimed at teachers, students with an intermediate level of French (3 to 4 years), Francophiles and tourists, and takes about an hour to walk.

Click here to go to The University of Melbourne's page where you can download the files.

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